Prop Stream allows investors to Locate, Research, Map, Analyze, Trend and Generate Reports for nearly any property in the U.S., including the largest pre-foreclosure and REO database available, updated daily, all in an easy step-by-step manner.


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* Locate motivated sellers... BEFORE your competition
* Access the largest nationwide pre-foreclosure and REO database
* Research virtually any property in the U.S.
* Analyze deals accurately and easily... in just minutes
* Create professional, comprehensive exports for easy financing
Put Prop Stream in your arsenal today...or compete against those who have!

* Find and farm homeowners in default...BEFORE your competition
* Become the local "expert" in short sales and REO's
* Contact motivated sellers that meet ONLY your criteria
* Present offers that get accepted.... on YOUR terms
* Research, analyze and run comparable's on nearly any property nationwide... more accurately than the M.L.S.

Here are some of the things you can do with PropStream

Searching : Prop Stream stores and manages the national property recordings/files dating back to 1976 and is updated daily. Searching allows users to access all property records covering 98% of the US population. This includes ownership information, property characteristics, sales information, tax reports, transaction history, lien reports and document images through both textual searches and Dynamic map searches.

Searching Comps : A unique and valuable feature of Prop Stream is the ability to allow an investor to define their own comps criteria. Most services will return comps based on properties they deem to be similar to the subject property and do not allow the user to
include or exclude recent home sales based on specific criteria. The dynamic satellite map
searching is also used for finding comps by selecting, circling, drawing a box around, or
connecting the dots around your area of interest and receiving instant results.

Mapping: Prop Stream is integrated with Microsoft Virtual Earth and attaches the property detail to every property in our database.

Trending: Prop Stream users can trend nationally, by state, county, city, block, street, and down to a single property, then dynamically compare with other states, counties, cities, blocks, streets and single properties to determine growth and investment potential based
on criteria you specify.

Prop Stream Answers the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How Much Regarding Virtually Any Property Nationwide!
View Prop Stream in action TODAY!

Analyzing : The Prop Stream Analysis Wizard guides users through a six step process that carefully analyzes each aspect
of buying, selling and maintaining real estate. The analysis Wizard calculates information accessed through the Prop
Stream software in an organized fashion to prevent mistakes in judgment and calculation.

* Mortgages and closing costs * Monthly operating expenses * Sales analysis
* Improvements and rehab * Rental analysis * Custom reports

Reports : Prop Stream provides comprehensive reporting options for each property that has been analyzed including:
* Cash Flow Report * Taxes and Deductions Reports * Property Sale Report
* Property Comps Report * Property Detail Report * Engagement Letters
* And many more

"I've been investing in and teaching real estate for more than 30 years and I've never seen
anything that comes even close to what Prop Stream can do! (Can you tell I'm excited)!?!?

-Robert G. Allen
Author of NOTHING DOWN and three other best sellers with over 30 years of real estate investing experience.

To view a demo, Click Here

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